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Our Mission

Life in the cyber security industry has changed significantly over the past 2 decades we’ve been around, and yes, even the collective name for the industry has largely transitioned from IT Security to the Cyber Security badge it wears today. Remember when some of the worst cyber related activity we really needed to worry about were ‘script kiddies’ defacing websites, or virus infected images being delivered to our desktops?! What about the way the industry has moved more from a ‘Guard’ to a ‘Detective’ stance, or how we’re now starting to realise that maybe the ‘Defence in depth’ strategy we used to employ across networks might not be the way forward as we start to embrace Zero trust networks and Software Defined Perimeter (SDP). Regardless of what the change has been, where the change has come from, or where the next change is going to come, MSS have been at the forefront of this industry always looking to deliver the one thing that has never changed; the very best advice, technology and services to both our customers and our prospective customers – helping you to keep the bad guys out is what keeps us coming back for more every single day!

Our Markets

Security is a top board agenda item nowadays and consequently in recent years there has been a fusing of security with many different technology areas where the boundaries have become more blurred, Devops very sensibly starting to adopt a DevSecOps model, for example. This has resulted in our security related discussions being spooled up from just about anywhere within an organisation, and discussions often spanning multiple technology markets which has meant our conversations have developed from pure security discussions to include the many different markets mentioned below. As a result of this, our portfolio has diversified to include technologies which on the face of it fit one market, but at the same time we see and leverage the very same technology as a security related technology or service. Take as an example our most recent addition to our portfolio, the revolutionary Droplet Computing. Developed and packaged as an Application Delivery technology, and indeed the idea was developed off the back of a challenge encountered in the Founders previous roles operating across Virtualised environments, but for us it also stands alone as a security technology. It should perhaps come as no surprise then that the technology was developed by a security professional, with security in mind from the outset!