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Managed Services

What is it?

Managed Services transfer the day-to-day management responsibility of running systems to a trusted external provider.

Why you need it

Managed Services are used where there is either a limited capability internally or where greater experience is desirable and this provides for improved efficiency and reduced internal workload.

How it works

Managed Security Solutions provide a number of Managed Services ranging from full network and solution management, such as firewalls, mail and web servers, to solution hosting and remote management with associated patch application, change control and upgrades.


Partnering with Managed Security Solutions can offer your business a bespoke, fully managed, security solution to our customers via our 24x7 Security Operations Centre.

It is this commitment to quality and technical expertise that makes a real difference to the service we provide and ensures that your solution will always be expertly designed and implemented by our trusted team.

MSS excels in working with organisations to establish a suitable solution for your unique security needs. Based upon a risk management approach, our consultants will work with you to define your solution.

Our focused approach brings together a team of recognised security experts, custom-designed incident management platforms, and best-of-breed technology to protect your critical information assets and infrastructure.

Our current range of managed security solutions comprises of the following disciplines:

  • Secured Connectivity
  • Network Security
  • Host Security
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Authentication / ID Management