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Patch Management

What is it?

Patch management is the process of identifying and applying updates onto systems to ensure that they are all up to date and operating securely.

Why you need it

If systems are not patched when a vulnerability or bug has been identified then this could render them ineffective or insecure and any security weakness could be exploited.

How it works

Patches can vary in size and frequency of release and some vendors provide the facility to automatically update systems but on occasion this has been known to lead to operational issues.

Most organisational networks operate with a variety of vendor solutions and any of these that are unpatched could lead to exposure to hackers and malicious websites. Patch Management solutions find and deploy missing patches for vendor applications and Microsoft operating system via a central console to simplify and automate the patching process.

Shavlik Patch Plus simplifies and automates systems management and incorporates patch management with asset inventory, power management, and antivirus protection. It uses a blend of agentless and agent-based operations providing a configurable architecture that meets the needs of diverse enterprise environments. Where Agents are a necessity this can be deployed but an additional agentless implementation provides complete coverage and reduces the management overhead related to deploying agents. Microsoft and trusted third party applications are discovered in a physical and virtual environment and are updated whether on the network or offline.