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Malware Controls

What is it?

Malware is malicious software or code that is designed to infiltrate a computer system or device and cause damage. The most common forms of malware are viruses such as worms and trojans and spyware that installs itself on a computer and covertly collects information from that computer without the user's knowledge.

Why you need it

Malicious content is designed solely to cause as much disruption or destruction to data and systems as possible. Anti-Virus and Malware solutions protect your internal network from malicious attack and also reduce the time and money spent fighting virus outbreaks.

How it works

Most malware control solutions are controlled from a central location and deployed throughout the corporate network, including on workstations, laptops, servers and gateways. Suspicious and malicious activity is identified by the malware control solution from its updated database or analysis of the activity and the threat removed.

  • Key Vendors

Kaspersky Open Space Security protects the entire network with one single, integrated suite of applications managed through a powerful set of administration tools.

All types of network endpoints are protected including mobile devices and servers and incoming and outgoing data traffic, including email and web traffic as scanned for malicious content.

Flexibility in the offering allows you to use only the elements that provide the necessary protection for your own network environment.