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Perimeter Security

What is it?

Perimeter Security ensures that all external facing network devices such as the corporate gateway, mail server or remote machines are protected from external malicious attacks.

Why you need it

Robust perimeter security provides the following business benefits:
  • Control over inbound and outbound traffic
  • Prevention of accidental data leakage
  • Protection against malicious attack
  • Central Management of physical and application-based security

How it works

There are many considerations to ensure that the network perimeter is secure and some are mentioned below. Most organisations have a firewall that inspects where communications are coming from and going to but other potential routes into the organisation include physical devices such as USB sticks or online threats such as malicious content delivered from seemingly harmless websites. Outward facing resources such as mail and web servers need to be patched and tested regularly. Appropriate policies and security need to be considered around remote access to ensure appropriate access and activity.

CheckPoint provide comprehensive, flexible and extensible security solutions, including security gateways, available as either software, virtualised or dedicated hardware appliances.

With an innovative software blade architecture, CheckPoint?s security solutions address specific business security needs including integrated gateway intrusion prevention, Web security, Data Loss Prevention and anti-malware.

All Check Point solutions are built around a unified security architecture enabling organisations to perform all aspects of security management via a single, unified console and network security infrastructure can be tailored to meet functional and performance needs.