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Content Security

What is it?

Content scanning, or content filtering, ensures that any information entering or leaving the organisation?s network is scanned for a variety of security threats.

Why you need it

Email and the Internet are now the main tools of business and a single security threat carried into the network via these mediums can cripple a business. Unless you have content scanning solutions in place you cannot enforce company policies and protect against these threats.
Content security offers the following business benefits:
  • Protects your data and internal network
  • Increases employee productivity by ensuring only authorised web browsing occurs
  • Allows central management of security policies
  • Provides reports on email and Internet usage

How it works

Content security solutions operate at the corporate gateway or in the cloud before email or Internet content is delivered to the network. With email, the content is scanned for threats such as viruses or malicious code that could infect the network and file types or inappropriate content can be detected and removed. With web browsing, content scanners ensure that there are no viruses or malicious code in the pages that are being viewed and the nature of these pages can be controlled to ensure appropriate business use.

  • Key Vendors

Webroot provide a suite of effective, easy-to-manage solutions for Web, Email and Endpoint Security and as a cloud-based solution there is no requirement to purchase or maintain internal hardware.

Security threats are blocked before they even reach the network and Internet usage policies can be enforced and tracked for both office-based and or Mobile employees.

The Webroot Email service allows organisations to meet compliance regulations and prevent data leakage and as spam is blocked outside of the network, bandwidth availability is increased.