NetClarity`s NACwalls appliances are designed to harden your network and provide immediate threat assessment and remediation capabilities. This ensures compliance to the most stringent regulatory guidelines while thwarting malicious attempts to gain access to your network data. Our NACwall appliances can increase the quality of your audit and compliance reporting and decrease the time, effort and expense in doing so. They provide real-time internal network access control with e-mail, cell-phone paging, syslog and snmp traps reporting and logging capabilities.

Boole Server Software
Cisco Server
Boole Server is a platform enabling businesses to apply processes and policies intended to secure and control access to confidential information and the secure storage of it to ensure operational stability.

The Boole Server solution can be utilised by a diverse range of businesses due to it`s flexibility in allowing:

•  Control of confidential data
•  Protection of intellectual property
•  Customized access to information according to functional hierarchical and granular policies
•  Ability to trace actions on files
•  The simplification of procedures for configuring complex applications by utilising the
Software Development Kit (SDK). This ensures maximum levels of efficiency in the delivery
of Web applications, the implementation of security policies and the design of Web services
accessible via Web browser.

DNS and DHCP Services

Cisco Server

DNS and DHCP are critical services for a companies' business continuity. Network access and many applications directly rely on those network services, making them a crucial point for the services availability.

EfficientiP brings a value added approach to DNS and DHCP services delivery, ensuring services continuity and easiness of management. EfficientiP's solutions are highly scalable for changing networks and high performance services.